My name is Abdi and …

I am a seasoned Senior WordPress developer with 7+ years of experience with the platform, excelling at writing optimized, secure and accessible plugins and themes.

“Quote Blocks” is a Gutenberg block I recently developed and published to the WordPress plugin directory, that brings people a seamless experience in crafting stunning quote blocks.

“Quote Blocks” in action:

I am also highly experienced in crafting dynamic and optimized websites using advanced plugins and custom themes to translate PSDs into WordPress pages.

Here is one of my works in which I used Elementor Pro to translate a Figma design into a WordPress page.

My daily routine involves Fixing bugs, writing new features and doing code review.

Notable Projects

  • Elementor Widget for ‘Display Evenbrite Events‘ plugin. I worked on this from scratch using Elementor Widget API.
  • Callant Bike Insurance plugin. I worked as part of a team and the plugin allows customers to explore and subscribe to a Bike Insurance provided by the company. We depended heavily on Gravity Form’s API to create advanced forms that have conditional logics, calculations etc.
  • Hall of Fame for All Sports: I lead a team of 4 devs in this project. It mostly involved development of complex custom plugins.
  • Flexible restaurant table reservation system: I used Vue for the first time with WordPress in this project to build a booking system with dozens of settings and that could be used from multiple locations at the same time.
  • Quote Blocks: This is a gutenberg block personal project to provide authors with the most flexible quotation block with 25+ settings per block!
  • World of Ravlon: I just contributed to this game (or kindof) project, although the purpose of the project was not clear for me at all.
  • API Integrations: I have integrated dozens of API’s into WordPress the most recent ones being GeekFlare, Bitbucket, Passare etc

My bulletproof WordPress dev stack

  • DDEV – When I want to do a docker based dev environment, this is my go-to stack!
  • Local by Flywheel – This is also one of my favorite in the list especially when I want to go low on computing resources depending on the project.
  • API development – I create Postman collection for my project and play around with APIs I created or third-party APIs with it.
  • My favorite IDE – VSCode.
  • Version Control – While I mostly work with Git based VCs, I’m also familiar with other options out there like SVN.
  • Deployment – I’m experienced with Github Actions based CI/CD
  • Code quality – I daily use PHPUnit, PHPCS, PHPStan, Psalm, ESlint workflows + VSCode integration to catch bugs earlier and comply with WordPress coding standards.
  • QA – I would go test my work on different browsers and screen sizes using BrowserStack.
  • Debugging – I use browser dev tools for frontend debugging and XDebug for debugging my PHPCode
  • Build tools – Webpack
  • Plugins and boilerplates –  Bedrock boilerplate, Sage starter theme, Timber, Redis Object Cache, ACF, CPT UI, Query Monitor, WPClone…

Interested to know more about my skills outside of the WordPress space? Well, there you go!